What Our Graduates Are Saying

These comments are from 6 continents plus island nations

     "Thanks for the wonderful cocoon of love and learning that you created. I so loved immersing myself in it and will be forever grateful for all the knowledge that I gained and how I grew.
     "I've never experienced a learning environment that is so able to permeate right to the core of a person in such a pure and wonderful way, and bring out the very best in them, things that they at times, were not even aware were in there. I'll never forget my month with you...two of life's very special people."
-Jacinta Lauren, CHt
Brisbane, Australia

     "I have taken many hundreds of hours of training in hypnotherapy from a wide variety of training programs in the US and abroad. From first-hand experience, the training program offered at HTI with Randal Churchill and Cheryl Canfield is the best hypnotherapy training program available today.
     "From the academic standpoint, both Randal and Cheryl are authors of outstanding textbooks related to hypnotherapy and emotional healing, and both teach from these original sources. In terms of efficacy of the therapy being taught, the training at HTI carries on the great school of Gestalt-based hypnotherapy begun by Boyne, and extended using contemporary age regression approaches developed by Randal, along with an intense focus on ideomotor signaling to allow for further communication with the subconscious mind. This type of approach provides the finest and most effective means possible to allow for behavioral change.
     "Most importantly, HTI students get the unsurpassed opportunity to see these two masters of the hypnotherapeutic process use age regression, emotional cathartic therapy, and many other hypnotic techniques to work on real clinical cases each day. Following these clinical demonstrations, students immediately get to practice the components of these same hypnotic approaches, under close supervision. For the individual seeking to learn effective hypnotherapy from beginning through advanced levels, with immediate applicability to hypnosis practice, there is no better school than HTI."
-Kenneth A. Kern, MD, MPH
San Diego, California

     "It's very hard to find the words to express my profound gratitude and appreciation for everything I was privileged to witness in class. It was almost like a fairy-tale where miracles can be worked easily, effortlessly, and joyfully. Everything was performed with great skill, experience, feeling, respect, and deep love. The atmosphere was always friendly and pleasant. It's been so nice to be your student.
     "Randal, your approach is so full of energy, enthusiasm, willingness to share. I loved every moment of your teaching and demonstrating. You both complement each other in a most intricate and brilliant way!
     "You gave highly informative, brilliantly presented, very enjoyable lectures. The demonstrations were profound and inspiring, and the practice sessions were very useful. A big, big thank you! It's all in my heart and I know you feel it."
-Tanya Konyukhova, Hypnotherapist, Translator
Moscow, Russia

Randal Churchill is demonstrating hypno-healing with  this class member. Sample sessions of class demonstrations with commentary are included in Churchill's award winning books,   Regression Hypnotherapy  , and   Become the Dream  , and the new   Catharsis in Regression Hypnotherapy

Randal Churchill is demonstrating hypno-healing with  this class member. Sample sessions of class demonstrations with commentary are included in Churchill's award winning books, Regression Hypnotherapy, and Become the Dream, and the new Catharsis in Regression Hypnotherapy

     "I have found that everything I need to know from my practice was provided during your incredibly valuable and useful hypnotherapy training. I truly appreciated the careful attention to each persons' individual process and learning style and the caring, professional and powerful practice sessions and demonstrations. Even the forms and paperwork needed to provide a high quality professional service were anticipated and made available.
     "Over the years, as a therapist I have attended many trainings and experienced many teaching styles. In all honesty, I must say that your training was the best learning experience I have ever had and the most comprehensive orientation to the field of hypnotherapy anyone could possibly want. I recommend your school without qualification to anyone wishing to learn or to develop their skills and their practice as a hypnotherapist.
-Barbara L. Allen, Certified Hypnotherapist
Albany, CA

     "The level of training and support I received from HTI, and you both, has been unsurpassed by any training I've received in any graduate school. I use the skills I learned at HTI daily in my work-not only hypnosis, but the myriad of other skills you taught, such as attending, listening, reflecting affect, direct/permissive styles, rapport building, positive feedback, summarizing, goal setting, dreamwork, dealing with phobias, pain control, ethics, professionalism-the list is endless!
     "The deep understanding of the importance of the subconscious mind that you provided me has had a profound impact on my ability to meet my client's needs.Thank you."
-Gayle Passaretti, M.A., Licensed Counselor
Shepard MI

     "You certainly covered a broad range of modalities in your classes, but I was most impressed by your depth, especially during the therapy demonstrations. You are both masters of reaching the underlying issues and working through profoundly challenging problems. You are so skillful, sensitive and supportive, I would send anyone in the world to you!
     "I continue to be amazed at the results of my hypnotherapy clients, and have found much to integrate into my chiropractic practice. And the positive effects of your training on my personal life have been truly dramatic. Thank you for giving your all to create such a beautiful program!" 
-Dr. Victoria West, Chiropractor
Fremont, CA 

      "I highly recommend HTI as an exceptional school for training in the field of Hypnotherapy. Your commitment and individual attention to each student was like nothing I've ever seen. My business grew steadily each month after I graduated, and within four months I began making a successful living as a Hypnotherapist. Thank you for continuing to be very supportive and for really being there assuring my success.
"I know your training is the best I could have received. Also I will always treasure the life transforming experience that took place while studying with you!"
-Ericka LaVigne, Certified Hypnotherapist
San Rafael, CA

     "The wide variety of techniques I learned at HTI encouraged and enabled me to develop my own unique style instead of trying to imitate someone else's. I returned to North Carolina with the tools and the confidence to build a successful practice in an area where other hypnotherapists told me it couldn't be done
     "Randal and the other instructors put heart and soul into every lesson and every demonstration. The seeds they planted three years ago continue to grow within me to this day. My practice is thriving, and practicing hypnotherapy is the most fulfilling work I've ever done.... I feel deeply grateful to be touching other people's lives in such a powerful and lasting way.
     "I'd recommend Hypnotherapy Training Institute's program even to people who have no intention of becoming a hypnotherapist. This program can transform your life. The private sessions I experienced at HTI opened the door for me to begin healing issues I'd had for as long as I can remember. Attending HTI was the best investment of time and money I've ever made. I've attended other hypnotherapy training programs and had hypnosis sessions with hypnotherapists trained by other programs, and HTI is the only hypnotherapy school I recommend. It's simply the best!"
-Priscilla Broussard, CHt
Swannanoa, NC

     "Little did I know the vast distances I would span and the profound changes I would make by taking this training. I'm excited to realize that as far as I have come, my journey is just beginning. I have found every level, every exercise, speaker, lecture and demonstration excellent and presented with the utmost skill and love. It has been an astonishing two months that has changed my life in ways I am still discovering."
-Kim Balin, Certified Hypnotherapist
Phoenix, AZ

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     "After I completed a 100 hour hypnotherapy program and opened a practice as a professional hypnotherapist, I intuitively knew that I lacked an adequate platform from which to launch a career in the healing arts. Four years later I had completed an MA in Counseling Psychology and then obtained a license as an MFT. Last Summer, I decided to refurbish my skill set in hypnotherapy and this time I chose HTI. I must say that if had had the good fortune to have originally learned what I learned in August with Randal Churchill and Cheryl Canfield, two truly gifted educators and healers, I could have bypassed the Masters degree completely. Hypnosis is an unsung therapeutic modality in the mental and behavioral health fields. We are truly blessed as professionals to have access to such masters in the field as Churchill and Canfield. They deliver the principles and practice of hypnotherapy as a healing modality of infinite promise and our clients may all be the better for it."
-Christine Hassel, MFT, CHt
Aptos, CA

While hypnotherapy can be integrated into any counseling or health profession, the following graduate chose to quit chiropractic to become a hypnotherapist. Dennis had felt he couldn't wait for our accelerated program and began commuting 5,000 miles roundtrip from Wisconsin each weekend for several months!

     "After 18 years of being a chiropractor and acupuncturist and asking "why," I came upon the answer. So much physical, mental and emotional distress is a result of chronic negative emotions, false beliefs and flawed premises. All of this results in physical "disease." Treating them with physical modalities may remove symptoms but rarely cures. Going to the origin, one's thoughts and emotions, can transform the individual and this is where true healing occurs. So I started my journey into the world of one's thoughts and emotions which led me to hypnotherapy.
     "I received certification from another hypnosis organization, but I began looking for something more. Something was missing from the first program and I felt HTI's program would fill the missing pieces. Well, what a surprise - HTI not only filled the missing pieces but it gave me so much more - the best education that I ever received in healing oneself and others. I have now left chiropractic and acupuncture behind, and am living my dream as a hypnotherapist. I could write a small book with the teachings and experiences with HTI.... Randal, I so appreciate your teachings, experiences and your wisdom. HTI is a First Class Act taught by First Class People."
Dr. Dennis Plansky, D.C., L.Ac, CHt,
Green Bay, WI

     "When I started I was taking it for a thesis topic and only expected to complete the first level. The more I learned, the more I realized this is what I really wanted to do. By the time of my Level Four Graduation, I felt this could be my profession. I quickly developed a full-time hypnotherapy practice, with at least 6-8 clients per day. I have referrals referring referrals!
     "You are both such wonderful teachers. Your wise and tested methods have allowed me to work with the most basic issues and the very complex, with outstanding success."
-Norma Gilli-Callahan, N.D., CHt,
Deland, FL

     "My training as a Hypnotherapist by you two and your staff opened up doors for me that I never expected. I've become employed full time as a Substance Abuse Counselor at a local treatment program and have a private hypnotherapy practice. Privately, I specialize in psychosomatic illness and substance abuse (recovery).
     "I'm going to Los Angeles next month to be trained one-on-one by a doctor who developed a technique to release endogenous neurochemicals that exogenous substances mimic. This process is an extraordinary breakthrough in the field of chemical addiction. Thank you for your fine training and aiming me towards my new career!"
-Roger A. Lake, Certified Hypnotherapist
Santa Rosa, CA

      "What I experienced in the program at the Hypnotherapy Training Institute was practiced with an eye for excellence in education, an eye for excellence for the lectures, the demonstrations, and the materials that were presented. I saw a continuous expansion and updating of information as it became available. But things I have not necessarily seen in other areas of endeavors to harness the phenomena of the subconscious or even the superconscious, for that matter, is what I would consider to be an excellence in feeling and an excellence in heart. And that is what I think that my experience at the Institute is best summarized as--an excellence of feeling and an excellence in heart." 
-Kevin Ryerson, CHt, Expert Intuitive
(prominently featured in Shirley MacLaine's books)
Albuquerque, NM

     "I've never fully told you what an effect that HTI has had on my life. The moment I arrived at the Corte Madera Inn, I knew this was it. This is what I've searching for for over three decades. The next few months were some of the happiest of my life because each day some new magical, rewarding, wonderful thing happened, whether I was in class or between classes. I was literally bursting with excitement, experiencing new worlds with each new lesson... Suffice it to say that this was an exceptional experience in my life and one for which I will be forever grateful.
     "Randal, many of my classmates voiced similar thoughts and we were, besides being charmed by your personality, somewhat in awe at the magnitude of the energy that we felt radiating from you. The gentleness with which you taught allowed us to learn extremely rapidly....
     "I felt that this classroom was a sanctuary - once inside its walls I was safe. Suddenly all the hurt and worries of the outside world were shut out, and a huge weight lifted from me. I've never had such feelings in a classroom before, and to have trusted enough to have opened up to the experience, this is saying some rather phenomenal things about the school.
"In the year that I've been working as a hypnotherapist I've met many others in the same field. What arrests my attention is that although some of these people have attended excellent schools they have not the broad range of knowledge that I have acquired from my studies at HTI."
-Mary Caldwell, Certified Hypnotherapist
Charlotte, North Carolina

Regarding Continuing Education...

     "My definition of a successful practice? It's all about being effective in making change…and from that, getting referrals. And that means having the very best strategies for your clients in your toolbox of ideas. I found no better way to access that level of professionalism than among successful peers in Randal Churchill's advanced classes. These classes have a wealth of ideas and practical solutions condensed into a relatively short time that can improve a practice overnight.
     "Continuing education is essential for an experienced practitioner to keep growing, and that was evidenced for me by my renewed enthusiasm and motivation when applying the experience to my practice.     
     "I look at it this way…if these great masters choose to associate on a professional basis for so many years, that's evidence enough that the advanced classes are well worth the time and effort. They were for me. I got a lot more referrals to prove it."

-Larry John DeMerritt, Certified Hypnotherapist
Cameron Park, CA


     "Randal, you are an awesome instructor! One of the most influential teachers of my entire life. I love your clarity and completeness. I also adore your sense of humor and the love that really comes through - both as a teacher and a friend. You are one in a million!
     "I cannot praise you enough - I'm recommending your absolutely life-transforming school to as many people as I can."
-Susan McGinley, Certified Hypnotherapist
Novato, CA

     "After six years of having a successful practice in hypnotherapy, I continually find myself thankful for all the excellent training I received from you both. The high level of integrity, skill and joy you model provides an enormous amount of inspiration and encouragement for me. Thank you for your courage and vision!"
-Kate Powers, M.S., Certified Hypnotherapist
Davis, California

 The following email is from a graduate who came to our school from Africa.
    "I feel now I am ready to express an experience that has transformed my life and in the process the lives of lots of people! To begin with, I could not have imagined that I would no longer feel my (formerly) chronic backache. I have learned to relax the muscles and actually pass on the healing thoughts and energy to the pain areas. The changes in my life are nothing short of a miracle. Healing my personal relationships has been the highlight....
     Bringing the learning to Africa, where such methods are treated as esoteric, unacceptable and a taboo - I have managed to get people to experience the healing and believe in the modern "miracle" of Hypnotherapy. A "miracle" which anyone can perform with his/her ingrained abilities.
     "With your unique ability and wide experience, you certainly are leaving a legacy in this world. Your passionate and committed approach to focus on the healing aspect touched my heart. You have sown the seeds of this unique healing methodology and I consider myself very fortunate and blessed. Thank you very much for everything and keep on inspiring and healing the world. We need you."
-Deen Nathwani, CHt
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 

     "I suppose everyone has their own special role model. Fourteen years ago Randal Churchill began to metamorphosize into my role model, my mentor, my spirit guide, my friend, my love. At the onset of that chance meeting, a compulsive gambler who peered through a 3-pack-a-day smokescreen at playing cards that his whiskey red eyes could not decipher,began a transformation that only the most talented instructor could instigate. I was a perfect test case to demonstrate the merits of his arsenal of training modalities.
     "It worked! Somewhere along the way towards becoming a skilled and very enthusiastic CHT with my own practice, all the ugly gave way to beauty, the ignorance yielded to intelligence, and the helplessness became power. Unexpected perks arising from this relationship include:
-The resurrection of my lovely wife Karen, who had been diagnosed withfull-blown multiple sclerosis, and is healthy and completely symptom free 14 years later after Randal's session in class began her immediate recovery.
-A total elimination of imminent surgery on my cervical vertebrae after a class session with Randal. 
     "My investment in HTI has given my family, my practice, and my life a tremendous return that will continue to be felt long into the future."
-Kenn McGee, Certified Hypnotherapist
Modesto, CA

      "In my career as a psychoanalyst, I have had the reputation of being willing to take on cases no one else would touch, being able to find a pathway for growth and healing where no one else could. Now I'm finding that the same thing is happening as a hypnotist. I'm amazed and gratified by the outcomes of hypnotic treatments in instances where clients themselves have said that previous hypnosis did no good, treatments where the prospects of growth and healing seemed slim, yet it happened anyway. I continue to be awed by the power of the subconscious mind, and I thank you for enabling me to locate and cultivate further skills for tapping into this wonderful power."
-Dr. Gary Ahlskog, Psychologist
New York, NY

     "With the perspective of the passage of five years, I am convinced that your training was a powerful turning point in my life and in my career as a therapist. Each and every day I use the principles that I learned in your classes, and they have a potent effect for growth and positive change in the lives of my clients. This has been brought vividly to my attention again as I have been discussing with my colleague, MaryAnne McDonnell, her training in your program and the tangible effect that it has already had on her work.
"There are six of us at the Santa Rosa Healing Center and it is my goal that everyone here would complete your Certification program. Perhaps when they see how it has accelerated MaryAnne's growth and sophistication as a therapist, they will be inspired to enroll." 
-Lincoln Beals, LCSW, MFT
Santa Rosa, CA

     "So much information in the classes is given so gently and subtly that I am not aware that it has been given until I need it. I find it is all there. Techniques are taught, but more importantly a sensitivity or awareness of what is happening to the client, to respect, to treat gently, and to move with the client. Randal and the other instructors have wonderful energy, always even, focused, and supportive. This is easily the most important two months I have ever spent." 
-Lauren Campbell, Applied Kinesiologist
Director, Stress Advantage Clinic
Mill Valley, CA

     "Thanks to your excellent training and continuing support, my practice has become more successful every year since I began in 1989. I love my work, my clients are getting great results, and all six hypnotherapy books I've written have gotten rave reviews. The quality of your program is unsurpassed in the field."
-Katherine Zimmerman, CHt, Author
San Diego, CA

     "I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful experiences I had while doing my Hypnotherapy Training with you. I came away with much more than what was listed in your course outline. Your courses have an extra quality, an 'X' factor, because both of you are very special people. I learned a lot more than just hypnotism. It was the best start I could have had to my career as a hypnotherapist." 
-Dennis Walcott, Dir., Creative Hypnosis Center
(former commercial airline pilot)
Miami, FL

     "Just a note to thank you for the splendid course I just completed! I'm certain that my thoughts are echoed by all who attended. You have provided each of us with opportunities beyond measure, both in terms of personal growth and vocation."
-Ms. C.J. St. Cyr, CHt, Business Manager, Author
Sacramento, CA

      "To anyone considering training in the holistic practice of hypnotherapy, I highly recommend the Hypnotherapy Training Institute. I researched several other schools and decided on their accelerated program. Their team approach was superb! The time and money I invested has come back to me in many unforeseen ways. In retrospect, I would not have wanted to be taught in any other way. Their school gave me the skills needed to address a wide range of clients' issues, and broadened my view of the many approaches and applications of hypnosis and interactive guided imagery techniques. I now have a successful practice in San Francisco called Hypnosis for Health, which is growing steadily each year." 
-Ken Steinmetz, Certified Hypnotherapist
San Francisco, CA

     "The courses are a superb balance of cognitive, experiential, and practical approaches. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to assimilate the skills. The balance in styles and approaches of the three main instructors is exceptional! I found myself drawn to - and resonant with - all three in a remarkable way.
     "Wonderful things have happened for me throughout the course. Equally exciting for me has been the fantastic 'results' my clients have enjoyed. I've begun to think about my work in wonderful, new, and innovative, refreshing ways. I have appreciated the high level of integrity and sensitivity of the instructors. 
     "In retrospect, I feel that I've learned more about clinical practice in the Hypnotherapy training than I did in 2 1/2 years of graduate school. I can't at all evaluate the human contact that has been really miraculous for me in this course." 
-Alan Brickman, M.A., Certified Hypnotherapist,
Transpersonal Counselor
San Francisco, CA

     "A very moving time in my life. To see the changes that took place in people…To know that I can take this healing skill with me into the world to help others. What a journey!"
-Carol Hoyt, Certified Hypnotherapist
Phoenix, Oregon

      "Thank you so much. I came into the Hypnotherapy Training Institute with the sole purpose of finding a new career in which I might be of service to humanity. What I did find was more than words can describe - I found myself. I spent many years since I was 13 years old looking for that certain something, only my soul knows what it was. This endeavor led me from the world of drugs and a living hell...   
     "Through the support of Randal Churchill and the other instructors and my classmates, I found my way home to body, mind and soul. The gifts I have received here are priceless. All I can say is thank you. You give so much of yourselves and of your love."
Daniel Steinhauer, Certified Hypnotherapist
Novato, CA 




From our archives:  The following 10 graduates were all enrolled in the same Accelerated Hypnosis Certification program together.…

     "I am a practicing psychologist and therapist from New Zealand, so I've come a long way for this course. When I saw your brilliant work in New Zealand last year I was so impressed I knew I certainly had to come and learn more. The month here has simply flown, full of real gems in terms of therapy, and in terms of getting to know myself better. The depth of the excellent therapy demonstrations and the personal knowledge, commitment and sincerity of each instructor is truly remarkable."
-David Page, Registered Clinical Psychologist, Certified Hypnotherapist
Palmerston North, New Zealand

     "This experience was the most important in my life besides having my daughter. I didn't know I could feel this light in body, spirit and mind. I feel my life is just beginning and the sky is the limit - and maybe beyond. I love you both very much and thank you with all my heart and soul." 
-Barbara Arner, Inventor, Certified Hypnotherapist
Oxnard, CA

     "I went into the training in order to enhance my skills in working with others - and found it to be the best thing I've ever done for myself. I knew I'd come a long way in my own healing. Yet my vision has become so clear I can't imagine that it gets much better. This greater awareness will dramatically benefit my work with others. 
     "The real magic for me was watching the sensitive and insightful demonstrations by both of you while working with various group members (including myself). Your energies and styles of relating and doing therapy offer a perfect complementary balance. What you've put together flows so well it seems almost effortless - yet I've worked with enough groups to know that the results you've achieved are the product of tremendous effort. Thanks so much for your wonderful program." 
-Cheryl Canfield, Certified Hypnotherapist, Author of Profound Healing
Groveland, California

     "I have found the integrity and depth of wisdom that is taught in the course to be really exceptional. Randal and the other instructors are A-plus, not only in teaching and demonstrating hypnotherapy, but also in so many other aspects of healing, awareness and growth. The personal growth for me has been absolutely amazing!" 
-Carol McSwiney, Certified Hypnotherapist
Capetown, South Africa

     "The Dynamic Duo with nerves of steel and marshmallow hearts. Thank you! I love you both." 
-Kim R. Lee, Certified Hypnotherapist
Monterey, CA

     "A wonderful course - shows caring, attention to detail, great and broad knowledge, and obviously tremendous preparation. Excellent lectures, demonstrations and practice sessions. This whole course is a banquet!"
-Christopher Pilot, Certified Hypnotherapist
Belleair, FL

     "Thank you for one of the most powerful, growth inspiring experiences and learning ventures of my life. You have profoundly touched me. Much love and gratitude." 
-Maureen Williams, R.N., Certified Hypnotherapist
Sacramento, CA

     "Great work! A major healing took place in my life. This is much more than a hypnotherapy school. This is a life changing and profoundly deep spiritual experience." 
-Robert Birk, M.A., Certified Hypnotherapist
Vancouver, WA

     "Randal has a heart of GOLD! Using his wealth of knowledge and healing skills, he is determined to create beneficial change. Very caring, yet lighthearted. Thank you!" 
-Lon Garges, Certified Hypnotherapist
Vienna, VA

     "Little did I know when I answered your ad that I had just set foot on a journey that would turn my life around forever. In my blind assumption that this was merely a fine school for the training of hypnotherapists, I found myself walking willingly into a safe and loving cocoon, formed by the spoken word, the warm embrace and the gentle spirit of both of you as well as the additional special teachers you brought in from time to time. In this place, I experienced and witnessed spiritual transformation and personal growth unparalleled in any other single event of my life. The depth and breadth of the wisdom and knowledge offered to your students far exceeded my wildest expectations and the deep bonding I accomplished with the class I will carry in my heart forever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." 
-Catherine Hershon, Certified Hypnotherapist, Marketing Research Consultant
Scottsdale, AZ