"I have taken many hundreds of hours of training in hypnotherapy from a wide variety of training programs in the US and abroad. I speak from first-hand experience when I say that the training program offered at HTI with Randal Churchill and Cheryl Canfield is the best hypnotherapy training program available today.

"I have several reasons for saying this. From the academic standpoint, both Randal and Cheryl are authors of major textbooks related to hypnotherapy, and to hypnotic approaches to dreamwork, and to emotional healing, and both teach from these original educational sources. In terms of efficacy of the therapy being taught, the training at HTI carries on the great school of Gestalt-based hypnotherapy begun by Gil Boyne, and extended using contemporary age regression approaches developed by Randal Churchill, along with an intense focus on ideomotor signaling to allow for deeper communication with the subconscious mind. This type of approach provides the finest and most effective means possible to allow for behavioral change.

"Most importantly, HTI students get the unsurpassed opportunity to see Randal and Cheryl, who are two masters of the hypnotherapeutic process, use age regression and emotional cathartic therapy (among many other hypnotic techniques) to work on real clinical cases. Following these clinical demonstrations, students immediately get to practice the components of these same hypnotic approaches, under close supervision, which provides an unsurpassed learning opportunity for students. For the individual seeking to learn effective hypnotherapy from beginning through advanced levels, with immediate applicability to hypnosis practice, there is no better school than HTI."

-Kenneth A. Kern, MD, MPH
San Diego, California

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